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naitik | December 17th-2022 | One Comment

2022 has almost come to an end, as I look back I realize how someone went out of their way to help me despite of me not having anything to give in return.

Time for the story. One of the organization’s I worked with in the past , I connected really well with my colleagues. In a casual conversation I mentioned to one of them about my hunt for a change of job. He immediately connected me to his mentor, who is a board member at a Fund House , which go me an interview with the fund manager. Now remember it was barely been 3 odd months since I knew this colleague yet he not only connected me but made sure I also get an interview with the fund manager.

Enter serendipity after the interview Mr. Fund Manager referred me to one of his ex. colleague for an opening , and here I am working a job that I wanted, with the person I admire. I had never heard of the place or the opening where I work, but serendipity found me.

From my dear colleague, to dear fund manager both were kind enough to help an amateur (yours truly) without gaining anything in return to which I am nothing but grateful. More on serendipity in my next piece.

In other news, year 2022 which has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride I flunked a competitive exam, took my first international trip, got leaner and fitter and broke my personal best run record for 10Km distance.

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