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Decision Making
On Thinking


naitik | April 17th-2022 | No Comments
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What is the first thing you do when you are getting ready to take a leap, to jump from some height to reach the other side?

You step back!

I repeat we step back. And you don’t think that you’re falling behind, or people are moving way ahead of you or any such thing, do you?

Then why do we hesitate to take a step back, slow down for some time to prepare for the jump in life?

Slowing down for some time would give you space to think, reflect, and plan. It allows you the luxury of taking inventory of what went well, what did not, what task is lined up next in some cases the luxury of choosing what to do next, and planning how.

Think about this, how will you reach somewhere when you don’t even know the precise location? Assuming you know the location but you don’t know the direction, what would you do?

We might just google it, and google maps will guide me. Precisely what slowing down is to your brain, activating your very own inbuild google map. Now it doesn’t work with 100% accuracy we all know that, but you still trust it right?

I am writing this more as a note, and a reminder to myself than like a lesson for the readers. Life has been moving past right in front of me as I travel day in and day out without giving myself any time to think, reflect, slow down, and be mindful about what I do.

How can you slow down? My answer is the most cliché one MEDITATE, but hear my definition of meditation here – any activity that helps you think better could be your mediation. My meditation today was early morning run, right now it is writing this reminder on slowing down. It could be journaling for you or sitting down and focusing.

To summarize take a step back aka. SLOW DOWN to take inventory, think, reflect, meditate on what next, and then take the leap in the direction of your goal.

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