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Why we need a Vision?

naitik | April 12th-2022 | No Comments
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Vision is a way our mind gets an opportunity to think, and see into the future. But future by definition is uncertain, and if there’s one thing we hate that is Uncertainty

But, what Vision does is gives us some sense of what we want. It helps us answer our why. Now things are not going to go as we plan them to go, you might not even come close to what you had envisioned for yourself, but you still got a direction to run towards.

The importance of finding your WHY is realized when you have zero motivation to wake up, and get going with your day. I am sure everyone of us have such days, knowing why we need to get the work done is the only way you will sail through such days.

In the past I have failed multiple times in accomplishing tasks because I was clueless about my WHY aka the Vision which would have paved a path for me.

In order to answer to your WHY, look into the future, find Vision for your life, and backtrack that to find a path to get there. Once you do see how you jump out of bed to walk on the path on most of the days (not all because we’re humans, by definition can’t be joyful all the time).

Can’t say it better than what Jonathan says about Vision:

The Art of Seeing what is Invisible to Others

Jonathan Swift

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