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Content or want More?

naitik | September 29th-2021 | No Comments
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The crudest meaning of being content is being satisfied, and happy with what you have. Invariably one of the easiest ways to become comfortable. This would also mean leaving no room for learning & growing since you’re absolutely happy with what you have.

You could neither be fully content nor can you keep chasing things one after the other.

A better way would be a mix of both. Being content along with wanting to improve and getting more. The idea might sound contrasting but hold your horses.

Let’s say person X earns a certain amount every year which comfortably pays all his bills and saves some after. Now, who wouldn’t like to earn some more money? But does that mean the person should just start chasing money because some extra would be nice? In a similar way should he not dream of earning more to upgrade his standard of living?

Talking about a mid-way here, which would mean working a little more to add extra income. While not focussing totally upon the extra because then all one would do is chase the extra without an appreciation of what is present.

Each extreme is dangerous, getting stuck in any could land you in trouble. One would land you in trouble immediately (chasing mindlessly), while the other eventually due to no progress. It’s important to keep both these ideas in mind, and working with them instead of sticking with only one.

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