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Refuting the Idea of Purpose

naitik | July 18th-2021 | One Comment
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Do you know what stimulates the brain of an open-minded searching for intellect kind of a guy? Opposing ideas that make him change/update his previously held beliefs.

After my post on Purpose, I had a discussion on why this idea does not make complete sense. I love to update it with change made in the framework about purpose.

What having a purpose would do is make you rigid in a way that you might close down to new ideas. Ideas you think do not help in accelerating your journey in marching towards the purpose-led goal. Not having a purpose would also let you free from the clutches of doing only those things that help you with your purpose.

It is like thinking about yourself in a very Utilitarian way. It is like materializing the tasks and quantifying the outcomes in order to receive feedback. Why would you limit yourself to just a small thing as purpose where the universe gives infinite opportunities?

Doing things that serve only your purpose would also take away the joy of the activity as you would become attached to the results. “Karm Kar Fal ki Chinta Mat Kar”, goes for a toss here.

When you think of just doing things unattached it is nothing but meditation. Just being present, and completing the task at hand. The heaviness that the word PURPOSE brings is not necessary always. That being said in order to become the best of best in a particular field you do need to be driven by a purpose.

Now having a purpose is not all a bad thing because it will drive you to do things. It’s like a map to guide you when you get lost in the journey of life. Getting a fine balance of having a purpose and letting yourself loose at times to discover the joy of doing things unattached to your purpose.

A philosophical line I repeat in my head at times is ” Do not take yourself so seriously man, it’s life and you’re not going to get out of it alive”

Have I left you confused enough? Sit back, and ponder upon both the ideas and let me know your thoughts on the same.

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  • Absolutely, learning and growing is about unlearning and challenging some of the ore-conceived notions!

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