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Accountability Mirror

naitik | August 20-2020 April 3rd-2021 | No Comments
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I first came across this concept in the book “Can’t Hurt me-Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds” by David Goggins.

Who is Mr. Goggins? Get ready to be amazed.

Goggins is an American ultra marathon runner, ultra-distance cyclist, triathlete, motivational speaker, author, a retired United States Navy SEAL and former United States Air Force Tactical Air Control Party member. Talking about him or his book would take entire post which is due for some other day.

Accountability is taking responsibility of your actions which may lead to success or failure. Accountability mirror is a concept you use to set goals and make sure you follow through to make progress.

How does this work?

You stand in front of a mirror and blunt out about your current condition. Akin to problem identification or simply areas of life where you want to improve yourself. 

One condition here is you say the truth no matter how difficult it is about your situation. Goggins calls it as taking inventory.

Ex. 40 Days until exam and haven’t started studying 
50 pounds overweight so 50 to lose
Running a marathon in next 12 weeks currently can’t even run a single mile
Now that how brutal you take your inventory, remember no lies no soft talking, nothing but the truth. If you lie at this stage you can’t help yourself grow any further.


Use post it cards to write your goals both short term and ultimate long-term goals with a deadline to complete it. Important to set a timeline because without that you’re doomed to procrastinate. Put it on a mirror you use daily like one in your washroom or dressing room. You have to see it daily and asses your condition with regard to the set goal



This is my accountability mirror


Start taking action right after you do the above activities. Goal is shed some pounds start with some push ups, preparing for exam start with sending the next hour studying, wanting to complete a marathon get out and run your first mile

The idea behind the mirror is simple you are responsible for everything that you have in your life. Take ownership of all good or bad things happening in your life right now.

Now one would say is Corona my fault? No obviously not but if you lost your job due to it take ownership and start right away by applying. Taking ownership will help you stay at course instead of blaming an event or a pandemic or even a person for that matter. The moment you take ownership you put yourself in a stage where you make peace with reality.

The next step after that is to think how can I improve this aspect. Here comes the accountability mirror. It forces you to face yourself everyday and hold yourself accountable if you’re not on the course. It is difficult takes great deal to keep going access yourself against the goals but the fruits of your labor are going to be immensely gratifying.

Each time you look at the mirror you will also have to thing about your why. The written goals might come in handy here. Believe me once you get into this process and achieve one of your goals you are set. You repeat the exercise for every next goal in your life. That’s how Goggins did it.

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